Totality town's eclipse earnings to benefit everyone living in, visiting Spring City

Amber Smith says her granddaughter brought in $600 at her lemonade stand the day of the eclipse, surpassing her expectations. (Image: WTVC)

A totality town's eclipse earnings could one day help those who didn't even experience the event, according to the city manager.

An overwhelming demand for eclipse T-shirts is still keeping Michael Guin busy a week after the moon passed over the Spring City sun.

"Right now they are all at my house and we're getting ready to ship out," Michael Guin said.

Guin manages the local pharmacy that created the shirts.

He says he's got orders from all over the world, because he sold out last week when everyone was in town.

"We had people from Italy, from Switzerland and even here in the United States," he said. "So now we're shipping those all out."

Those guests also spent money at Nyleh Woody's stand set up in front of the Movie Depot Monday.

"I selled some lemonade," she said.

Her grandma, Amber Smith, says she brought in $600 that day, surpassing her expectations.

"She was out here walking screaming back and forth 'Hot dogs! Tshirts! Lemonade!'" Smith said.

City Manager Stephania Motes says that money not only helps out those small businesses, but also the whole town.

"Them spending money in town generates additional sales tax revenue," she said.

Motes says it will take until the beginning of next year to determine how much money the town brought in, but she already has an idea of where she wants it to be spent.

"The roads is one thing that we always try to keep maintenance on, whether its the potholes or the infrastructure with the roads. It's one thing I would like to see the money go toward-- and of course the parks," she said.

If that's done, she hopes the town can draw back at least part of the 12,000-person crowd that came for the eclipse.

Motes says the board of commissioners will meet later this week to start discussing plans for the eclipse earnings.

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