The great American solar eclipse; here is what you may have missed

Credit: NASA/SDO

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) – On Monday, most of North America witnessed an eclipse of the sun. The eclipse’s path of totality stretched from Oregon to South Carolina.

The longest duration of the eclipse was in Carbondale, Illinois, where the sun was completely obscured for two minutes and 40 seconds, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The point of the greatest eclipse, meaning the axis of the moon’s shadow passed in closest proximity to the center of the earth, occurred near Cerulean and Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

This is the first solar eclipse that traveled across the continental United States since 1918. The next contiguous solar eclipse will be Oct. 14, 2023, and will travel from northern California to Florida.

There were some spectacular moments and reactions to Monday’s celestial event. Here are some things you might have missed:

KATU News in Portland captured a stunning time-lapse video of the eclipse over Salem, Oregon. The city was the point of entry over the United States for the solar eclipse.

The international space station captured a partial eclipse as it traveled above the earth.

In Nashville, Tennessee, clouds threatened the view of the eclipse but the event was still visible through gaps in the clouds.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory offered a 171-angstrom extreme ultraviolet light view. The video is a collection of still images taken during the eclipse.

NASA also captured the umbra shadow of the moon moving across North America. The umbra shadow of the solar eclipse is smaller in diameter and the total eclipse is visible from the area it passes over. The penumbra shadow covers the area where the partial eclipse is visible.

NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center’s Gulfstream III followed the path of totality.

As the solar eclipse began to exit the nation above Charleston, South Carolina, ABC News 4 captured the moment of totality. The sun’s corona was visible -- as were Bailey Beads, the red spots visible along the edges of the sun and moon’s alignment.

The morning of the eclipse Dutch Bros. Coffee gave out solar glasses, but recalled them when the manufacturer's compliance with the ISO standards were questioned. As an apology to customers, they offered a free drink of any size for those that returned the defunct glasses.

Musician Taylor Swift went dark on social media for several days leading up to the eclipse. On the morning of the big event, she tweeted a cryptic video of what looks to be a snake; causing rumors amongst her fan that she might release her new single on the same day as the eclipse. However, it was not released.

Ozzy Osbourn performed his song "Bark at the Moon" at the Moonstock festival in Carterville, Illinois.

The top song on iTunes was Bonnie Tyler’s “Total eclipse of the heart.” During an appearance on CNN, Bonnie Tyler sang the song to John Berman.

She also sang the tune with Joe Jonas and DNCE during a concert on the Royal Caribbean’s “Total Eclipse Cruise.”

In the nation’s capital, President Donald Trump, first lady Melania and son Barron watched the eclipse from the Truman Balcony of the White House.

The president received some criticism as images emerged showing Trump stealing a glimpse at the sun without protective solar glasses.

First daughter and Assistant to the President Ivanka Trump watched the beginning of the eclipse from the National Air and Space Museum before joining her father and senior staff on the Truman Balcony at the White House.

The National Air and Space Museum welcomed thousands on eclipse day and handed out 24,000 pairs of solar glasses. People lined up as early as 5 a.m. ET to receive a pair. In many places, solar glasses became scarce.

In South Carolina, six couples gathered at the Blue Jar Barn to get married during the eclipse. They lined up and stood side-by-side as they recited their vows.

At St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield Missouri, Hospital staff covered newborn babies in eclipse-themed buntings. Families of the newborns received a basket filled with “sun chips, moon pies and eclipse gum” from hospital staff, according to CNN.

A twitter war broke out between Moon Pies and Hostess Snacks. First, Hostess tweeted that their snack was the official eclipse snack cake.

Hostess then attempted to forge a truce by proposing a snack cake collaboration but Moon Pie shot down the request.

In Greenville, South Carolina, one family named their newborn daughter “Eclipse.” The hospital staff even provided her with a solar eclipse onesie, according to the report by CNN.

Alaska Airlines chartered a flight for about 100 people to get a closer look at the solar eclipse. The flight lasted for three hours and traveled over the Pacific Ocean to intercept the eclipse.

After the eclipse roads and nearby airports quickly became congested with travelers looking to get home. The I-5 highway in Oregon saw a line of cars that stretched for miles.

In Nashville, crowds flocked to the airports Monday morning to depart the city.

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