Sanger girl to receive donor kidney the day after Christmas

27-year-old cousin to donate liver to Melody (KMPH)

(KMPH) -- A Sanger family is calling it a Christmas miracle. Three year old Melody Silva is getting a kidney she desperately needs. The kidney donor is her 27 year old cousin Monique Lozano. "Look at her. Who wouldn't want to help her?"

Lozano is giving Melody something she's needed since birth, a functioning kidney. She signed up to be a donor in August and it took four months to determine she's a 100 percent match. "They said the smaller and more petite and skinnier you are the better the chances. So I didn't think they would try for me to be a match if they didn't think they could be."

Melody's Mom, Nikole was in shock when she got the call from Stanford. "I jumped up, I answered the phone and I started crying in the phone with her. It's just a blessing."

Melody is a ball of energy despite not having either kidney. They were removed in October and she needs to undergo 12 hours of dialysis daily while she sleeps. Once she gets her new kidney Melody will get a new lease on life. "She'll be normal. She won't be on a diet restriction. She won't have to go to the doctor every single week. She can run and play with her cousins."

Her cousin Monique doesn't consider herself an angel. She admits she's nervous about the surgery but determined to help. "Until were both in the recovery room or hanging out outside the hospital, until that moment I'll be happy. I'll be satisfied." Lozano simply says it's family. That's what you do for people you love.

Liver donor surgery is set for eight next Tuesday morning at Stanford. Melody will be spending two to three months in Palo Alto for medical monitoring. Monique will be released two weeks after surgery.

Melody's family is facing major expenses during its' stay in the Bay Area. If you would like to help them out here's the gofundme account:

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