UPDATE: Grieving Marion couple's phone returned after News 13 story

A recovered photo of Hannah smiling, spending time at the farm. (Photo credit: Leslie Bright)

A Marion family who was desperately seeking a lost cell phone that contained hundreds of photos of their late daughter says their phone has been returned.

Jason and Leslie Bright say after News Thirteen's aired a story about their lost phone Monday night, a woman contacted them to say her ex-boyfriend had stolen the phone from a Marion gas station, where Jason had accidentally left it.

"We received the message from her on Facebook Messenger which included her phone number," Jason said. "I immediately called her, and we met five minutes later at the corner of Maple and East Court Street in Marion."

Hannah, the couple's eldest daughter, died in November at the age of 11 from complications of a serious brain syndrome she was born with.

The couple says the now returned phone has videos and numerous recent photos they took of Hannah that they cherished and were devastated to lose.

Jason and Leslie are grateful the woman came forward. They have no intentions of pressing any charges, and said they don't believe the woman had anything to do with the phone being taken, and are simply grateful she helped them get it back.

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