Auburn boy raises $7,500 for Barbara Bush Children's Hospital

12-year-old Braydon Bashaw has raised $7,500 for the Barbra Bush Children's Hospital, by making and selling "Ornaments of Hope." (WGME)

PORTLAND (WGME) -- It's the season for giving and an Auburn boy is doing just that.

12-year-old Brayden Bashaw has raised $7,500 for the Barbra Bush Children's Hospital, by making and selling "Ornaments of Hope."

It's not his first time fundraising for a cause. Brayden says he was given money at an early age and was told to pay it forward. Ever since then his efforts have grown larger around the holiday season.

"When your kid takes interest in something like this our jobs as parents is to point him in that direction," said Stacey Bashaw, Brayden's mom.

Brayden has been fundraising since July.

He's reached out the the community for support including donations for a silent auction.

For months, his family and friends have stood by while he crafts pine cone ornaments, alongside his grandmother's snowmen ornaments, to raise money for the Barbra Bush Children's Hospital.

He calls them "Ornaments of Hope" because the purpose of them is to do just that-- give hope to sick kids who are in the hospital this Christmas.

"It just feels good to be able to help kids that wont be able to have as good of a Christmas, have a better Christmas," said Brayden."I love it, I love it I love to give back I figured I'd give back to kids."

Last year, Brayden raised $2,000 to purchase toys for the hospital. This year he more than tripled that number.

"I don't think he understands the weight of it yet, but I think as he grows older and looks back he'll get it, it's pretty impressive," said Travis Bashaw, Brayden's dad.

"It was overwhelming to see how many people this has touched and stand behind him," added Stacey.

Brayden not only donated toys to three hospitals, but also purchased "Brady Buggys", a wagon that helps kids with IV's get around.

He even had enough money left over to donate for a pizza party.

"Whats also impressive about Brayden is he reached out to the hospital in advance to figure out what he could do to have the greatest impact here," said Kate Richardson, of the Barbra Bush Children's Hospital. "He also made sure to follow the infection protection guidelines so the gift he gives is one that can be used."

CBS 13 asked Brayden if anyone who's receiving a gift was watching what he'd want them to know, his response- "It'll get better, keep fighting, it'll get better."

If you would like to donate to "Ornaments of Hope" Brayden's mom can be reached on Facebook "Stacey Bashaw."

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