5-year-old girl gives away nearly 200 gifts to other kids

5-year-old girl gives away nearly 200 gifts to other kids (WKRC)

WEST END, Ohio (WKRC) - It’s been a busy week for a 5-year-old little girl. She’s been taking toys and bringing smiles all over the place.

On Thursday afternoon, Geneva Sambuchino was at was at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul with nearly 200 gifts. They are toys that she picked out herself for other children.

"I feel happy when I help people," said Geneva.

Geneva and her dad hang out at places like Dave & Buster’s as a way of bonding. Over the years, they collected thousands of tickets from winning at the games. Instead of using them for toys for herself, Geneva’s father encouraged her to give back and Geneva decided to donate them.

"Lots of kids, they are excited to play with their own toys, but to be able to get this much stuff and then give it to somebody else, that is just beautiful," said Patricia Dawson, who works at St. Vincent de Paul.

Workers at St. Vincent de Paul came in to see the little girl who is inspiring others to give. Geneva’s mother was on the Board of Directors for seven years and she also volunteers there.

Workers couldn’t believe how many toys lined the tables for families in need.

"I spoke with a woman today. She’s been dealing with the death of her father and she hasn’t been able to provide for her children this year, how she normally has. So now she’s going to be able to come and get gifts," said Dawson.

Geneva and her family have been fortunate enough to have the things that they need for a Merry Christmas. Now thanks to Geneva‘s generosity, others will have a great holiday, too.

Saint Vincent de Paul is always looking for donations to help others.

If you'd like to learn more, you can follow this link.

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