Whitwell Community celebrates a historic State Championship win

    Whitwell Tigers claim State Championship title

    Whitwell High School won their first ever State Championship title Saturday.

    They played against Cornersville High school, in a competitive game that came down to the wire.

    The community hosted a parade to welcome back the team to their home field. People in red lined the streets and set off fireworks as the hometown heroes made their way to the school.

    Fans, waving flags and pompoms were still buzzing about the game that ended 7-6 in the fourth quarter.

    Whitwell Tigers claim State Championship title

    Kirby Dalton echoed the sentiments of many people in this community, saying "this is pretty personal."

    Many people say they're personally invested in the players, just as the players are personally invested in the Whitwell community.

    Youth pastor Allen Ramey, is a spiritual coach off the field to several of the guys on the winning team. He called tonight an honor to be able to watch the players persevere on the field.

    The palpable pride filled the Whitwell football stadium.

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