Friday Night Rivals Broadcast Game on CW Chattanooga: Baylor at McCallie

Baylor/McCallie: the oldest rivalry in Tennessee is our Friday Night Rivals matchup. You can watch it on The CW Chattanooga Friday night at 7:30pm.

Baylor/McCallie is the oldest rivalry in Tennessee high school football.

The two schools have been playing since 1908 (McCallie dates the rivalry back to the1905 and 1906 games, but Baylor views those games as contests before it had an official football team).

Come Friday night, McCallie has home field advantage at Spears Stadium.

McCallie coach Ralph Potter quoted English poet Rudyard Kipling in an interview this week after his team rallied last Friday.

The Blue Tornado willed a dramatic fourth quarter road victory over then #1 Brentwood Academy. Potter pulled a meaningful line from Kipling's "If" poem. "There's a line from a poem I like if you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat these two imposters just the same, you know. If you can handle that success and know that really doesn't define you either, just like a defeat doesn't define you."

McCallie (7-1) is flying high right now.

Coach Potter played at McCallie and also coached at Baylor.

He knows all about this rivalry, calling it "a season in and of itself." Potter explained, "Because it's such a community thing, it's such a school wide thing, that everybody's just looking at 'ya that week. It's just a different kind of feel for that reason."

Baylor (3-4) comes in fighting depth issues and injuries.

Coach Phil Massey is very well aware that McCallie has a senior dominated defense and is favored Friday night. Massey said, "We gotta play our best game. Are we capable of doing that? Certainly. The thing we're emphasizing with the bigger stage, our guys, we gotta have tremendous focus and concentration this week."

Coach Massey's hoping his team plays smart, fast and efficient. "Our situation is we got nowhere to go but up with them being a favorite this week, I would say the pressure would be on them."

Pregame starts at 7:00 pm Friday night on the CW Chattanooga.

Kickoff is at 7:30.

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