Reports indicate Darrin Kirkland, Jr. has injured his knee

Darrin Kirkland, Jr. shown in practice. Photo Courtesy: WATE-TV

The Tennessee Vols are just six days away from its season opener with Georgia Tech.

The Vols have been dealt another blow of adversity.

The details aren't official, but various media outlets including 247 Sports have reported that Darrin Kirkland, Junior injured his knee.

The reports outline that it happened during Friday's practice.

Kirkland is a key piece of the Vols defense, especially against a triple option team like the Yellowjackets.

Nothing official has come out of Knoxville, but multiple outlets say Kirkland will be out for some time.

That likely means Lookout Mountain's Colton Jumper will move into the starting role.

He did so last season when Kirkland went down with a high ankle sprain against Virginia Tech.

Jumper starred at The Baylor School in his prep days.

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