Video: Woman rescued as car sinks in gator-infested lake

Dramatic lake rescue caught on camera. (Sugar Land Police Department)

SUGAR LAND, Texas (WPEC) - Police in Texas made a dramatic rescue of a woman from a lake full of alligators and snakes. And it's all caught on camera.

According to Sugar Land Police, a speeding driver jumped a curb and plunged into a lake last Saturday morning.

Police arrived within minutes. Three officers jumped into the water, knowing the lake had a reputation of being full of alligators and snakes.

The officers smashed the window on the woman's car and pulled her to safety. Seconds later, her car sank.

The woman told police she had fallen asleep before losing control of her car. She made it to dry ground without any injuries. Two officers had to be treated for minor cuts but thankfully nothing from those gators or snakes.

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