Video shows cat on moving car in Sandy, Ore., police investigating for animal neglect

Cat on roof of car - Image courtesy Taylor Lyn Manuel.

Sandy Police are looking to talk to the driver of an SUV who was caught on video with their cat tied to the hood of their car.

"We thought it was a joke initially, just playing a prank on everybody," said Taylor Lyn Manuel, who was with friends when she saw the incident unfold at the Goodwill Superstore parking lot Monday night.

At first, she thought the driver had a stuffed cat on top of their moving car. Manuel says the car made repeated trips around the parking lot and then went across the street.

Manuel called the police and then confronted the driver.

"He drove and got onto Highway 26 and was going at least 70," Manuel said.

Manuel says the cat was still attached to the car's windshield by a pink leash.

Sandy Police say they can only charge the driver with animal neglect if the cat was hurt.

State law doesn't allow people to put their dog on the hood of a moving car, but there are no protections for cats or other animals.

The car involved in the incident is a newer model red Volvo SUV. Police say it's registered to a driver in Portland but investigators haven't been able to get in touch with them.

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