VIDEO: 2 people break into cars, cause thousands in damage at Chattanooga auto repair shop

    Chattanooga Police are on the hunt for two men caught on video smashing into cars at an auto repair business. (Images: Curt Swearingin, WTVC)

    Chattanooga Police are on the hunt for two people caught on video smashing into cars at an auto repair business.

    The owner of Advanced Collision on Jersey Pike says the suspects broke into the cars, leaving broken windows and over $5,000 in damage.

    What they took with them is a different story, however.

    "Somewhere around 3:30 this morning, we had two guys and a car come in. They kind of drove around the lot," says Curt Swearingin, the business' owner.

    Swearingin says the two people weren't there to get their car repaired - "Looked around, looked in cars, and then chose which cars they wanted to break into."

    Swearingin owns six different locations, and says this was a first.

    "We've had a little problem here and there, but nothing like this."

    The owner says the thieves were selective. "One car that I actually saw where they took a flightlight and look in the car, and that car didn't have anything exposed, they didn't break into those cars."

    On Wednesday, the cars' owners came to check out the damage, and found that despite the thousands of dollars in damage, the thieves only got away with a few cents.

    "In the end they got some coins and some change," says Swearingin. "Left valuable stuff like sunglasses and left other stuff in the car, and didn't really steal anything of real value..."

    The owner says the company will have a cash reward for anyone who can help lead them to the two people who did this.

    We asked Chattanooga Police if any other nearby businesses got hit. We haven't heard back yet.

    If you recognize the people in the video, or have any information, call Chattanooga Police at 423-698-2525.


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