VIDEO: Skateboarder run over, dragged along street by 'hit and run' driver

Skateboarder run over, dragged along street by 'hit and run' driver (Photo from Video: Courtesy of Santiago Hyslop III)

SAN ANTONIO (KABB/WOAI) -- A beaten and battered 21-year-old is hoping whoever ran her over comes clean and turns himself in to police.

"He should really turn himself in. At least say he's sorry to me,” said Ashley Martinez. “He just drove off and didn't do nothing about it."

The driver who hit her did not stop to help and instead left her in excruciating pain on the street. The hit and run happened Wednesday near Interstate 10 and De Zavala, and it was all caught on camera.

The video is graphic and will be very disturbing for some viewers. Ashley Martinez was skateboarding home from work, like she does every day. When she crossed a driveway, she was hit by a car and dragged more than 15 feet along De Zavala Road.

"I look like a big Bratz Doll head,” Ashley said. “I look ridiculous."

The driver stopped briefly, and Ashley's boyfriend ran to the passenger side window.

"I told them through their window," said Ashley's boyfriend Alex Ruiz. "I told them 'You ran her over. Please get out of the car.’ They looked at me right in the eyes and drove off."

Ashley decided to speak with us outside University Hospital, where she's still recovering from roughly a dozen fractures.

"I don't even remember being underneath the car, trying to get up in that video,” explained Ashley. “I don't remember nothing.”

A good Samaritan gave video of the incident to Ashley's family, showing them exactly what happened.

"Like 20 feet. I couldn't get up. I tried," added Ashley.

The video also gives them hope that whoever drove away will come forward or be caught.

"You know what you did wrong. You could have destroyed many lives," said Ruiz.

“Just turn yourself in, tell me you're sorry, and I'll be fine," Ashley exclaimed.

When caught, the driver will face charges for not stopping and helping Ashley.

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