Officer injured by falling power pole at crash scene

Rescue crews on the scene of a crash in Fresno. You can see the pole still standing. (Misti Reed / FOX26)

A car crashed into a power pole at Cedar & Fountain Way near Highway 168 in Fresno Wednesday morning.

Rescue crews were on the scene to help the woman out of her car and into an ambulance.

While this was happening, the pole fell and a police officer got trapped.

The power lines were live and smoking.

Firefighters were able to pull the officer to safety and load him into the same ambulance as the woman.

A second ambulance arrived and the officer was moved.

The woman and the officer were both taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

The FOX26 News Executive Producer Misti Reed was on the scene and captured the raw video below. Reed was running away from the crash because she saw the pole falling on top of the car.

She also witnessed a big rig driving past the scene when its trailer caught the downed power line and pulled the utility pole over, as well as another pole on the other side of the street.

The downed pole across the street caught fire but the fire did not spread to the nearby business.

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