New video shows what happened leading up to moment Bradley Co. deputy took cell phone

Jermichael Parks says new surveillance video from the gas station proves he did nothing wrong.

New questions surround your right to record police doing their jobs.

Last week NewsChannel 9 obtained video that shows dramatic moments when a man says a Bradley County deputy took his cell phone, while he was recording officers.

According to an advocacy group we talked to Friday, anyone should be able to record people and police in a public place.

Jermichael Parks says new surveillance video from the gas station proves he did nothing wrong.

First, Parks says you see deputies pull over his cousins driving a pickup truck.

"There's the officer getting out," he said.

Jamichael wasn't with them though. He pulled up minutes later in a white car with his other cousin Terrell.

"There I am getting out in the blue hoodie," he said. "There's Terrell in the white."

He says he recognized his family members, and you see him approach them. Within seconds he abruptly walks away, because he says officers told him to mind his own business.

Even thought he did, Parks says deputy Dale Liner aggressively followed him and Terrell to the gas station door.

"He was harassing us even after I left the situation alone," Parks said.

Thats when he went back out to get Terrell's phone and began recording.

"There I am," he said. "There comes Dale. That's when he detains me."

Kelly McBride with the Poynter institute says there are only two things that would allow an officer to take a cell phone like Liner did-- if you're impeding on an investigation, or if your causing a public safety problem.

She watched Parks's video today.

"This didn't seem to me that the man was doing anything other than taking video of the cop," she said.

Parks says he wasn't, and the surveillance video proves it.

"It proves a lot-- his behavior, that I never engaged in what they had going on. I left it alone," he said.

Friday, we also spoke with a woman who says she filed a complaint against Deputy Liner last year.

She says he was abusing his authority off duty, on her property.

That complaint was not in the personnel file we picked up on Liner Friday.

We're working to learn why that letter was left out.

In the meantime, we've requested a copy of any disciplinary action or citizen complaints against Liner to see if that yields any different results.

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