New video shows arrest of outspoken Grundy County teen

New video shows the arrest of a Grundy County teen Wednesday night. (Image: Alex Martin's Facebook page)

UPDATE (Monday):

Attorneys for Trevor Sanders issued a statement Monday.

"We are deeply concerned by the behavior of the adults in the school system and the local government who first suspended and then arrested our teenage client for speaking his opinion about a school policy. Our client has never harassed anyone, but he has been critical of the school board. In the United States, such criticism is constitutionally protected speech. We intend to pursue all of our client's rights and ensure nothing like this will ever happen again."


New video shows the arrest of a Grundy County teen Wednesday night.

We first brought you the story Thursday night of the high school senior busted over his reaction to this year's valedictorian.

When he wouldn't be quiet, he ended up in jail.

We began digging into the arrest of Trevor Sanders Thursday and Friday we finally got a copy of the arrest affidavit.

It says the parents of the student chosen as valedictorian say Sanders was harrasing their daughter.

They told police he was putting posts on Facebook in regards to the valedictorian situation.

Sanders says he has nothing against the valedictorian and believes he's really being punished for speaking up.

The newly posted Facebook video shows the arrest of 18-year-old Trevor Sanders.

Alex Martin, a friend of Sanders, posted the video to his Facebook page.

In the video, the officer tells Trevor he's being arrested for harassment.

Trevor continues to ask -why?

According to the arrest affidavit, Trevor's Facebook posts amount to harassment of newly named Grundy County High School valedictorian for 2018.

Earlier that same day, Trevor also got in trouble at school for speaking out about a rule change that now allows a student graduating in three years to be picked over a 4-year-student.

He recorded his conversation with school administrators and posted it on Facebook.

You can hear school administrators telling Trevor he's harassing the valedictorian and disrupting classes.

They also defend their choice of valedictorian.

"We explained to you that we followed board policy," the principal said to Sanders.

Back in December, it looks like the Grundy County school board may have seen this mess coming.

They took up the policy used to pick a valedictorian because it did not take into account students who might finish high school in just three years.

NewsChannel 9 was at that meeting and watched as the discussion went nowhere and the issue was tabled.

Sometime between then and now, the rules were changed, which is why Trevor says he started speaking out to begin with.

We asked administrators in Hamilton County what would happen if they were in a situation like this one.

They tell us that a student who graduates after three years is not eligible for awards - something Grundy County students and parents are still hoping will be changed there.

Trevor says what's done is done and he has nothing against the girl picked.

He and other students propose a two valedictorian solution to include both the three year student and the four year senior who thought she would get the honor.

Trevor will be in court on May 10.

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