Karma? Watch as suspected package thief injures ankle making getaway

Screen capture from a home surveillance video showing a woman stealing packages slipping during her getaway (Photo via David Ababneh)

BOTHELL, Wash. -- A pair of suspected package thieves may have made off with a few stolen items, but now will likely have a hefty medical bill on top of any legal trouble.

Video from a home's security camera along Bothell's Filbert Road Friday shows a car pull up along the street out front, then a woman who jogs up to the front door, and grabs three packages. But on her hurried getaway, she drops a box and as she stops to get it, her feet slip out from under her on the wet grass and she falls down, apparently badly injuring her ankle.

As she sits incapacitated on the ground, she calls out to her accomplice who was driving the car. He gets out -- decked in a Seattle Seahawks jersey -- and goes over to the woman, eventually having to pick her up and carry her back to the car.

Of course, the man then has to return to retrieve the stolen packages and make their getaway.

David Ababneh, who posted the video, said one of the stolen packages was an expensive box of medicine.

"Hopefully someone can ID the scum bags," he wrote. "Gotta love Karma though, serves them right."

The Snohomish County Sheriff's office confirms a police report for theft was filed at that address on Friday. Department spokesperson Courtney O'Keefe says they have identified the woman shown in the video but are not releasing her name and she has not been captured as of yet. CrimeStoppers is collecting tips in hopes of leading to their arrest at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

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