UberAIR announces plan to make flying taxis a reality

uberAIR announces plan to make flying taxis a reality (Courtesy of Uber Twitter)

Uber released a video on Twitter that gives a glance of how easy they believe the future of on-demand air travel could be with uberAIR.

The woman in the video shows how just one click on her phone got her a flight in minutes. The demonstration then shows her walking to a large skyscraper where the uberAIR flights are shown to be stationed at the top of the building. She gets into the building's elevator and presses the uberAIR button that takes her to the top of the skyscraper. The video shows her arriving at a large landing port for futuristic looking aircrafts to depart and arrive on. She swipes her ticket using a QR code on her phone and is then escorted to her aircraft by an attendant.

Along with three other people on the flight, she is shown soaring through the sky in the aircraft. As she glances down at a roadway below her, the video shows how air travel saved her from sitting in heavy traffic. The video shows the aircraft landing at a transit station where a car waits for her arrival. The car drops her off in front of her house, and the video ends with the woman being greeted by her husband and kids.

This video gives a sneak preview of what Uber could have imagined for on-demand air travel. Although we don't have all the details of this new type of aircraft transportation yet, Uber's video shows a futuristic take of how air travel could reinvent how we travel.

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