VaynerMedia continues to grow in Chattanooga

VaynerMedia's Chattanooga office opened in July 2015.

In Making History we talk to the people who are building businesses here in Chattanooga, but that's only part of the story of the growth of this city.

There are a lot of people who grew a successful business some other place, saw Chattanooga and said 'I want to a part of what's happening there.'

One of those businesses is VaynerMedia.

You are likely familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk. He's an entrepreneur, marketer, and author. He has a giant social media following. He's also the CEO of VaynerMedia. The company has offices in New York, L.A., London, and Chattanooga, Tennessee.

"I think for as loud and brash as he sometimes can be he has really great soft skills," Mickey Cloud, Head of VaynerMedia's Chattanooga office, said. "I think that's probably the biggest, surprising thing that people learn about him when you kinda get inside of the machine."

Mickey Cloud is from Charlotte, North Carolina. He worked for Gary Vaynerchuk for four years in New York, but Mickey says he always wanted to come back to the south at some point.

In May 2014, Gary gave a speech here, and met with Ted Alling and some of the other folks with the Lamp Post Group.

"He texted me within two hours of being in Chattanooga. 'Dude, I love Chattanooga.' I was like, 'yeah I grew up going to camp here.'" Mickey said. "I knew the double-A team is the lookouts. They've got a great aquarium and everything like that. He was like, 'would you move here?'"

Mickey has been the head of the Chattanooga office since it opened in July 2015. It's a full service digital marketing agency. There's about a 20 person staff in the Chattanooga office.

"We service Fortune 500 clients. Our business model is built to serve big corporations, and their brands and marketing needs," Mickey Cloud said. "Part of what we've opened an office in Chattanooga for is trying to figure out ways to work with smaller companies, mid-sized companies, high growth companies, start ups and provide value for them."

Mickey and his Chattanooga team leans on the primary office in New York and all of their resources, but he says in many ways this team is responsible for growing and working with their clients in this region .

"We gotta be out there hustling, putting VaynerMedia's name out into the marketplace," Mickey said. "So we can say 'Hey, we're open for business, We've got opportunities. Here's how we can help you guys."

Mickey Cloud has also gotten involved in the city since he's been in town including sitting on some local boards and recently going through the Protege Chattanooga program through YPC.

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