Startup Week Chattanooga begins Monday, October 16

Startup Week Chattanooga is Monday, October 16 through Friday, October 20.

Startup Week Chattanooga begins on Monday, October 16. It runs through Friday, October 20.

This is year four for Start up week Chattanooga.

This year there are more than 180 events.and all events are free.

"The beautiful thing about Startup Week is it's for everyone. We're trying to make it as inclusive as possible. It's not just for those who are entrepreneurs or those who are in the startup world or that industry. It's for those who just are curious. Those who want to learn more about Startup Week or just maybe they are interested in owning their own business. Maybe they just you want to get better connected within the Chattanooga community," Toyin Lanade from Startup Week Chattanooga said.

The keynote speaker on Monday is Chris Heivly, co-founder at MapQuest. You have to preregister for that event on the Startup Week Chattanooga website.

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