Skuid is working to make work easier

Skuid founder and CEO, Ken McElrath, first came to the Chattanooga area as a college student.

"A student at Covenant College up on the hill over 30 years ago, and at the time Chattanooga wasn't the place that the students at Covenant wanted to stay after they graduated," Mr. McElrath said. "My three children all decided to attend Covenant as well, and in the process of coming back and forth from Phoenix to Chattanooga I said 'you know Chattanooga has changed a lot.'"

The city had changed so much that Ken packed up his business and moved it here.

"I think what's unique about how Chattanooga does things is it's not just one specific sector that drives change. The community really has to come together to make it long term and sustainable," Mr. McElrath said. "Chattanooga, in many ways, has just figured that out."

Ken McElrath actually didn't come here to build Skuid. He was operating another company called Skoodat. It's an education company, and his team wanted to make it easier for people to use Skoodat.

"We wanted to be able to build applications that were still customizable, fully customizable by our customers without writing any code," Mr. McElrath.

They made made to order apps. Users could pick and chose what they wanted to see on their computer screen. They called that tool Skuid, and turns out people wanted to use Skuid more than they wanted to use Skoodat.

"When we first took it to market and sold more in two months than we had sold in the previous four years with my other product, we realized we really hit on something hot," Mr. McElrath said.

When they launched Skuid they were using it for Salesforce. Salesforce is program used by millions of people in sales and other industries around the world. Ken says Skuid makes using Salesforce much easier. Skuid users take all of that data and pick and choose just the parts that they want.

"In most cases we can sit down with a customer and say, 'So what do you want ? Do you want a tab here?" Mr. McElrath says.

Skuid can be applied to a lot more than just Salesforce.

"You can bring in data from Microsoft. You can bring in data from SAP," Mr McElrath says. "We don't really care where your data rests."

Skuid is also being used across many industries ... from major banks .. to healthcare .. to big tech companies...

"It's going to empower us as individuals to be wildly more productive," Mr. McElrath says. "Our customers are typically seeing upwards of fifty percent productivity gains."

Skuid started in Chattanooga in 2013, but over the last year has added offices in San Francisco and London. The company is planing to add another office in Central Europe soon. Company representatives say they have five million users in twenty-four countries.

You can learn more about Skuid on the company's blog.

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