Naked Foods will open a Chattanooga location in The Edney Innovation Center

Naked Foods will soon move into the Edney Innovation Center.

If you've spent much time downtown Chattanooga the last several months you have likely seen the construction on the first floor store front space at the Edney Innovation Center.

Now that space has a brand new tenant.

"We weren't looking for a franchise. We weren't looking for a chain," Jill Allen, Chief Operating Officer at Urban Story Ventures said. We were looking for a unique business, a start up in a sense, to compliment what already exists in the building."

Jill Allen says that at this point the only available space at the Edney is the 10th floor.

The building is home to the Enterprise Center, CoLAb, Society of Work, and coming soon, Naked Foods.

"Naked Foods is healthy meals for busy people," Alison Oakes, owner and founder of Naked Foods said.

Alison started the business in Knoxville three and a half years ago, and now she is opening her first location in Chattanooga.

"We focus on micro balancing our meals," Alison said. "You know how much carbs, fats, and proteins are in each meal. We carefully weigh out every single meal so you can be on track to stay with a particular nutrition program if that's what you're doing or just peace of mind knowing how much calories that you're eating."

Alison and her team will put a full kitchen in their new space and in a few months you'll be able to walk in, grab a meal and go.

"You'll literally come into the fridge. You'll see what meal you want to get. You can grab it check out and you're on your way," Ofelia Carmichael, General Manager of Naked Foods' Chattanooga store, said.

Alison says when she was looking for a new city to expand her business Chattanooga was an easy decision

"I think Chattanooga is just really a great city for both eating healthy and supporting local businesses," Alison said. "There is so much going on in the downtown with entrepreneurs and people just having an active lifestyle here."

Naked Foods' Chattanooga store is expected to open in the late spring or early summer.

Alison will hire a staff to operate the Chattanooga store. She plans to begin that process in about three months.

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