HATponics wants to feed 20 million people by 2020

Making History-HATponics

Hatponics has a mission to feed 20 million people by the year 2020.

Founder Ryan Cox showed us what they're doing here on his farm in Rossville, Georgia. It's actually an old football field.

"We've got a large amount of fish that we let go in the water, and we feed those fish." Mr. Cox told us. "The fish do what fish do in the water. We pump it up and down so that every time it fills up we create a space for nitrogen and bacteria to break down fish waste into a usable fertilizer."

So the fish need the plants to live, and the plants can't live without the fish. There are several different sizes of these portable farms in several places such as schools, the Downtown Chattanooga YMCA, and twenty-nine countries around the world. Hatponics' large farm can pack inside a shipping container.

"(It) can be delivered out of a C-130 aircraft anywhere in the world in fifteen days," Mr. Cox said.

Ryan Cox says it can provide food in 45 days.

"Here what we're doing is we're raising thousands and thousands of fish that are providing exactly what they are supposed to do," Mr. Cox said. "They're getting the water dirty giving us an opportunity to grow vegetables."

It all runs on rain water or water from lakes rivers and streams. So you don't need running water to keep the farms working.

"This system is designed to house a hundred tomato plants, a hundred cucumber plants, a thousand heads of lettuce a week, fifty pounds of herbs a week, a thousand strawberry plants, and four thousand pepper plants."

In addition to that it grows everything they need to feed the fish.

"This one will feed four to six hundred people everyday for the rest of their lives." Mr. Cox said,

Enough food to feed a small community.

"When a man feeds his family who has not been able to feed his family before through the efforts of his hands or his heart that's a life changing experience," Mr Cox said. "If we can enable that we guarantee success."

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