Computer programming school starts coding boot camps in Chattanooga

Programmers during the coding boot camp (Image: WTVC)

As more tech start-ups are launched in or move to Chattanooga, the need continues to grow for computer programmers and developers. Covalence is hoping to solve that problem. The school started in Birmingham, and has just launched classes in the Scenic City to help solve that problem.

They put on 10-week coding boot camps. They take students are complete beginners, and Covalence says when they finish they are prepared to go to work as an entry level developer.

"Most of the material that we teach out of the class is mainly web based and mobile apps so they can go and do consulting work or work on products with local companies," Claire Flowers, Director of Student Success at Covalence said.

When the school started in Birmingham the city was going through a lot of the same things that are happening in Chattanooga now.

"There was a lack of developers in Birmingham so a local company decided they wanted to create a curriculum," Flowers said.

The school is hoping to fill a need in the local tech start-up scene. Flowers says their students range in age from 18 to people in their 50's, but most of their students have started in one career and are now looking for a change.

"They maybe have hit a dead end in their job, and have always wanted to learn to program and learn a little more about coding," Flowers said.

Covalence says they have programs in place to provide mentors for students. They work to bring in companies looking to hire developers, but they say this program is challenging.

"It's a lot of information fast, but it's designed to kind of to really push you to your mental limits," Flowers said.

The cost for the ten week boot camps is $8000, and there are scholarship opportunities through the city.

You can learn about the qualifications and requirements and more information about those scholarships on their website.

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