A large residential spike in downtown Chattanooga

Coming up Monday night at 6, we sit down with Kim White of the River City company to talk about how all this happened, who will fill these spaces, and the research behind this housing boom across our city. (Image: WTVC)

We’ve seen a transformation in our city over the last 25 years from the Aqauirum, the Riverwalk, the Innovation district that is bringing jobs to our downtown and everything in between.

Since 2013, the Scenic City has grown in a completely new way, and we’re seeing it right now across downtown, from the Southside, Market Street and the center of the city. and the North Shore.

Thousands of apartment units and condo units, hotel rooms and student housing are being built right now.

Downtown Chattanooga will have thousands of new residents over the next few years.

We sat down with Kim White at the River City Company to talk about the planning and thinking behind all of this residential growth in downtown Chattanooga.

"I think what's so great is we spent 30 years building a great downtown, and people now want to be a part of it," Kim White said.

The full story Monday night in a Special Making History at 5 on NewsChannel 9 and First at 10 on Fox Chattanooga

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