Chattanooga based Skuid recognized for having one of the country's top company cultures

Chattanooga based company Skuid has been ranked fourth in the country for company culture by Entrepreneur Magazine.

This is the second year in a row that Skuid made the list and the company has done that in the middle of a period of huge growth.

In the last year the number of employees at Skuid has more than tripled.

"Our focus has just been making our customers extremely happy, and they have enjoyed what we've been able to do for them," Skuid CEO Ken McElrath told me in the company's downtown Chattanooga offices. "As a result we're just growing like crazy."

Skuid, in very simple terms, takes a platform such as that has a lot of data and allows users to build a custom app with just the information that they need from that larger platform.

The company is making customers happy and employees happy too.

"So when we recruit people we're looking for three core things in everybody that we recruit. We want them to be a humble expert, A design thinker, and a caring hero," Mr. McElrath said. "All three of those things are paradoxes so there are unique individuals that we're looking for."

Mr. McElrath says they landed on those traits by describing their best employees. He says one thing that helps find these people is the place we live.

"Thankfully we do live in Chattanooga," Mr. McElrath said. "So there are a lot of humble experts here."

The company also has a lot of things in the office that make the work day a little better. Some of those things include desks that you can make a standing or sitting desk. They also have sound proof booths if you need to quiet to make a phone call.

"If you are a company that really believes that you should care for each other in order to care for the company you think about stuff like that differently," Mr. McElrath said.

Ken's wife Donna is also the company's co-founder and the vice president of people and culture. Only two people have offices the rest of Skuid is an open work space.

"The collaboration is encouraged. The interaction is encouraged," Donna McElrath said. "We have this thing that we call zen time, and so the developers asked for it early on because they're not used to working in open environments. That is for fifty minutes you don't interrupt, and for ten minutes you get to ask questions."

Here that works. Employees have the time to focus, and time to exchange ideas every hour. We talked to employees about why they enjoy their job none mentioned standing desks or other perks. They talked about the people here too.

"We compete against each other in the way that we push each other to go further and faster, and achieve more rather than competing against each other to achieve more than the other person." Josh Cutler, Skuid's Lead Curriculum Developer and Instructor said. "That has really been such a refreshing thing to me."

"I come in and my work is valued, and I get to be creative and really use my expertise," Ranece Brown, a talent acquisition specialist at Skuid said. "With Skuid you get to focus on what you do best."

If you want to know more about what Skuid does we did a Making History story about Skuid last year.

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