Chattanooga author's book series could be turned into a TV show

Chattanooga author signs TV development deal. (Image: WTVC)

Greg Wilkey is a local author and educator. He is the Assistant Principal at East Side Elementary here in Chattanooga. He has written 11 books, and has 2 series in Young Adult Fiction.

We've told Greg's story before on Making History.

A few weeks ago he officially got the news that one of his series could soon be made into a TV show.

Greg says he got a call from his agent one afternoon last spring while he was driving home from school, "he tells me that he has been talking to Joel Eisenberg from Council Tree Productions in Los Angeles, and Joel is interested in, you know, pursuing Mortimer Drake, my Vampire character, as a TV series."

Over the next several months, Greg and a screen play writer started the process of turning his first book in the series into a script. He also worked on coming to terms with a shopping agreement and TV development deal.

Council Tree Productions is currently pitching Greg's new script to TV studios in Los Angeles.

"I mean, I dreamed sure one day a TV show or a movie. I mean who doesn't want that as a writer," Greg said. "It's a good feeling because I never thought it would go beyond Chattanooga."

Greg wrote the first book in this series a decade ago. He says it's hard to believe that the stories he started all those years ago have made it this far.

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