Bellhops' CEO discusses his vision for the future of the company

Bellhops CEO Luke Marklin has been with on the job since July 2017.

Luke Marklin has been on the job as CEO of Chattanooga based moving company Bellhops since July. Luke came to Chattanooga from Atlanta where he spend three years as a General Manager for Uber.

"It was great to see a business growing at a lighting fast pace," Marklin said. "It was great to see how technology and the right business model changed something that was really broken."

Changing an industry is exactly what Bellhops has in mind.

The company started in 2011 and moved to Chattanooga a year later. They call themselves a modern moving company. Bellhops provides moving services in more than twenty markets, and this week they started moving people in Washington D. C.

You schedule your Bellhop online, and they match you with the best person for your move. A lot of that process is based on customer feedback.

"Every Bellhop at the end of a move is rated," Marklin said. "That feedback goes directly into our system, and directly ties to who gets the next job."

It's a process similar to how you might give your Uber driver a rating.

"I think the idea is very much the same, but it's that on steroids. We are taking that and really fine tuning who shows up in a way that no other industry or certainly no other company in our industry and no other sharing economy marketplace is doing," Marklin said.

Luke Marklin spent three years at Uber. He has a background in engineering, and is a graduate of Harvard Business School.

With his resume he had a lot of options for his next move he says Bellhops and Chattanooga had a lot to offer. He sees a lot of positives to the city's growing downtown business scene.

"On the business side all of the boxes are checked. There's capital. There are other start up companies that can serve as peers or are kind of benchmarks," Marklin said. "All of the good things are checked, but you know the other piece that will really help Chattanooga going forward is that people want to live here."

Many people have said in the downtown entrepreneur sector for Chattanooga to take the next big step the city needs a big national brand name to come from these downtown companies. Bellhops is one company that's often mentioned in that conversation.

"We are heads down. We are focused. So, I don't want to get to far ahead of ourselves, but we're really confident in the feedback that we receive from customers that we have something working," Marklin said.

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