Woodmore teachers file lawsuits in connection with school bus tragedy

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The law firm of Berke, Berke & Berke has filed two lawsuits in the Circuit Court of Hamilton County, Tennessee on Friday on behalf of teachers and staff members of Woodmore Elementary School. The firm says these lawsuits stem from the bus tragedy that occurred on November 21, 2016 in Chattanooga.

The complaints allege that the teachers and staff members of Woodmore Elementary School suffered greatly as a result of the negligence of defendants Durham School Services, L.P., National Express, LLC, and Johnthony Walker.

The lawsuits say when the defendants failed to provide safe transportation for the children at Woodmore Elementary, the teachers and staff who provide daily care for these children and who have close emotional ties to these children, sustained acute emotional trauma as they tried to cope with both the immediate and long term aftermath of the tragedy.

The lawsuits also say defendants Durham and National Express are guilty of negligently hiring Walker to drive the bus; negligently training him; negligently continuing to employ him after receiving numerous complaints; failing to properly supervise him; failing to install monitoring equipment to monitor him; failing to pay reasonable wages in order to obtain competent drivers; and failing to operate their system in a manner that would ensure the lives and safety of the children they were transporting.

The firm also says they are guilty of negligence, gross negligence, and willful and wanton conduct demonstrating a conscious indifference to the lives and safety of others.

Berke, Berke & Berke's release reminds the public that there are time limits for filing Complaints regarding this accident. All lawsuits must be filed on or before November 21, 2017.

Read the two new lawsuits in full below.

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