Woodmore driver convicted, but does new NTSB report show the fault goes beyond one man?

The lengthy report says the bus company failed to look at video of alarming actions by the driver days before the wreck.

Woodmore school bus driver Johnthony Walker has already been found guilty in his criminal case. But does a newly released NTSB report show the fault goes further than one man?

Tuesday, the National Transportation Safety Board will discuss safety issues based on the crash investigation.

The lengthy report says the bus company failed to look at video of alarming actions by the driver days before the wreck.

More than 500 pages detail complaints, disciplinary action and evidence of what happened leading up to the school bus crash.

Newly released photos show the seats students were sitting in when the bus flipped on Talley Road.

Parents say they'd been raising concerns about Johnthony Walker for months by then.

Now, we've learned a Durham school bus manager pulled video of a reported incident the week before the crash.

Someone complained Walker was "intentionally swerving the bus to throw students out of the seats."

Investigators who looked at the video say it shows "children falling out of their seats and into the aisles as the bus appears to sway side-to-side."

The report says you can hear "children yelling" and "apparent engine acceleration noises."

Hamilton County parents we showed the report to Monday want to know, why did that video go un-watched until after the deadly accident?

Lauren Cutrell said, "The fact that the footage wasn't finished is concerning."

The report says the bus company's manager "did not complete the viewing due to the work week ending."

He said he was going to look at the video over the weekend, but then he "came down with an illness."

"It's concerning just based on the perspective of a parent that when your child is in someone else's care," Cutrell said.

But if it had been watched, the question remains. Would Walker still have been driving bus 366 on Monday, November 21st, five days after the complaint?

We've not been able to determine who has the physical copy of the video we just told you about.

NewsChannel 9 requested a copy of it from the DA's office, CPD, the school system and Durham. So far, we've not been able to get it.

We reached out to Durham to ask if the manager who did not review the video in time faced any disciplinary action. We have not heard back.

Newschannel 9 will have full coverage of the NTSB meeting in Washington, DC.

The Special Investigation Report will include a separate deadly school bus crash from Balitmore, Maryland .

It happened 20 days before Woodmore.

Depend on us for full coverage of the hearing starting at 9:30 Tuesday morning.

We will stream it in its entirety.

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