Whitfield Co. mom concerned with school bus driver's response after son has seizure on bus

School officials say the seizure happened within a quarter mile of the bus stop, and by the time that the bus driver realized something was wrong, his mom was ready to take over.

The mother of a first grader at Tunnel Hill Elementary School says when her son had a seizure on the school bus, she wishes the driver had handled himself a lot differently.

Kadin Standridge has epilepsy.

He had a seizure on the way home from school three weeks ago.

His mother, Megan Standridge, was waiting at the bus stop but when the doors opened, her kids didn't get off.

The bus driver told her something was wrong with Kadin.

"That's when he had picked Kadin up and basically handed him to me limp. Kadin hadn't come out of the seizure yet so Kadin wasn't responding or anything," she said. "It seemed like it was just another bus stop. Get him off the bus and let's go."

Standridge says the driver hadn't called 911, and she's not sure how long it was between the time the seizure started and when the bus pulled up.

NewsChannel 9 requested surveillance video of the incident from Whitfield County Schools to pinpoint when the seizure happened.

Director of Transportation Rick Holsomback says he couldn't pull all of the video because of a mechanical failure that day.

He told us the part that was recorded, however, indicates Kadin must have had the seizure within a quarter mile of his stop.

"Had the parent not been on the scene, the driver's normal protocol would have been to call his supervisor, have them call for emergency help, but since the mom was there, we would defer that call to her," said Holsomback.

He says the driver followed protocol but could have been a little more caring.

"This driver is a very good driver. He's very concerned about his kids and was very upset about the situation himself and wanted to make sure the child was ok," said Holsomback.

Megan doesn't want to see any action taken against the driver.

She just wants to make sure he takes potentially life-threatening situations seriously.

Holsomback told NewsChannel 9 the driver was never informed that Kadin had epilepsy.

He says it's important for parents to talk the school if they have a child with a special condition.

The Transportation Director also told us the video recording unit had failed every day for 5 days before the incident.

It was overheating and powering down at the same time each day.

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