Water main break forces Chattanooga Charter School of Excellence to close Tuesday

Image: WTVC

A water main break Tuesday at the Chattanooga Charter School of Excellence forced the school to close for the day.

The school is located at Eastgate Mall.

Several parents of students there reached out to us to report that the bathrooms were not working. A third grader told our crew on the scene there was no water in the toilets or the sinks.

The school later cancelled classes, and parents came to pick students up.

Our crew on the scene was told the fix would take between two hours and 10 hours.

Hayden Tutors is a 3rd grader at the Chattanooga Charter School of Excellence. His grandmother waited in a long car line Tuesday morning after getting a call her grandson needed to be picked up.

A water main break outside left the school without water, and staff with no other choice but to dismiss early.

"There was like barely any water coming out of the water fountain coming out of the sinks and all that stuff," says Hayden.

Convergys, the building next door to the school, had similar problems. Kristina Tocknell works there.

"They brought in a bunch of water and told us we didn't have any water," says Tocknell, "Couldn't use the bathroom. Can't wash your hands."

An Eastgate Town Center manager wouldn't give us many details, except for she wasn't sure when the water would be turned back on.

Tocknell says they heard otherwise.

"They did say it could take 24 to 72 hours for it to be fixed."

Watch Stephanie Santostasi's report from our Midday newscast below:

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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