Veteran to spend days clearing debris after powerful storm damages his livelihood

Vietnam veteran will spend days cleaning up after powerful winds damage his property and his livelihood. (Courtesy: WTVC)

The aftereffects of Saturday evening's powerful winds were felt throughout the day on Sunday.

The force of nature wreaks havoc indiscriminately, not willing to spare even the bravest among us.

Michael Smith, learned that Saturday evening.

Smith is a veteran of the Vietnam War and has lived in Whitfield County since 1985.

On Saturday evening, Smith was home with his wife Darlene when the two heard a loud noise, "it was like a boomboomboom."

Smith says "it sounded like all the tin on the roof was jumping up and down."

After the storm passed, he went outside to asses the damage and found patio furniture turned upside down, trees toppled, and two of his three cars totaled.

The winds forced the pines surrounding his property onto his truck, mustang, and "a little Honda civic that we had."

The damage to the truck by far the most expansive.

"It's all smushed in on it," Smith tells NewsChannel 9 as he circles the vehicle.

The totaled truck is a lost necessity, Smith uses it "a lot to go places and haul a lot of motors and transmissions" as he works on cars from around town.

Although he has insurance, Smith is concerned over how much they'll be willing to pay out on a truck he first bought in 2004.

"I don't know if I'll even get near what I got in it," Smith says.

Smith expects an insurance adjuster to come out to asses the damage early this week.

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