Two suspects arrested in NC for Grundy County man's death

Donavon Dakota Hargis and Jamie Nunley are now both in custody in Yancey County, North Carolina. (Images: Yancey Co. Sheriff's Dept. / MGN)

Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum confirms to NewsChannel 9 that two suspects are now in custody in connection with the death of 35-year-old Dylan Winton.

Winton was reported missing back in March, and his body was discovered in a remote wooded area in October near Highway 50 and Bess Road.

Sheriff Shrum says Winton had been shot four times: three times in the back of the head, and once in the back.

Shrum told us back in October that the property where Winton's body was found is part of a hunting lease, where different people pay to hunt there. Winton was not a member of the lease.

The Yancey County, North Carolina Sheriff's Office says it now has 23-year-old Donavon Dakota Hargis and 40-year-old Jamie Nunley, both of Grundy County, in custody.

A post on that department's Facebook page says officers got a tip that the couple was in that county. The post says, "Officers spoke with several individuals and were ultimately able to determine the individuals were staying in a camper near Langford Branch Road. Officers took both suspects into custody without incident."

Sheriff Shrum told us last month that Winton was well-liked in the community.

Winton's uncle Ray Winton told us his nephew had schizophrenia, and relied on the family's help. He also said, "He trusted people that he should not have trusted, he took them in." He also said "His greatest fault was he wanted someone to like him,"

Investigators have not yet speculated on a motive in this homicide case.

This is a developing story. Depend on us to bring you updates as we get new information.

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