2 Chattanooga women sue Uber, claim company kept driver after sexual assault allegations

Two Hamilton County women are suing Uber, claiming that the company continued to let John Kyle Lane drive for the ride-sharing company after he was accused of a sexual crime. (Photo: HCSO and MGN)

Two Hamilton County women are suing Uber and a local man, claiming that the company continued to let him drive for the ride-sharing company after he was accused of a sexual crime. The lawsuit claims one woman was sexually assaulted by John Kyle Lane on July 22, 2017 - the other claims Lane assaulted her 15 days later.

According to the complaint filed in Hamilton County, the first victim used Uber to get a ride from the Pickel Barrell on July 22nd. Lane picked her up.

The lawsuit claims after dropping off the victim's male friend first, Lane positioned his vehicle so he was in between the victim and her house.

Lane continued to discuss details of his personal life and recent breakup, despite the victim insisting she needed to leave.

The lawsuit continues to say the victim tried to leave but the doors were locked. Then, according to the suit, Lane unfastened pants and forced the victim's hand between his legs onto his exposed body. It also states Lane grabbed her breast.

The victim claims Lane unlocked the doors after she threatened to scream.

The lawsuit says she immediately reported the incident to the Red Bank Police department and to Uber. The lawsuit says the company spoke with her that same day, saying they would launch an investigation.

Fifteen days later, the lawsuit claims another woman was sexually assaulted by Lane.

According to the same lawsuit, she used the Uber app to get a ride from Lane on August 6th.

She says Lane engaged in inappropriate conversation, and requested "that he be allowed to come inside and 'have a threesome'" with the victim and her boyfriend.

The lawsuit says she tried to exit the vehicle, when Lane yelled. When she turned around, Lane had exposed himself and said "You're not going anywhere until you do something about this."

She reported the incident to East Ridge Police Department that night, and then to Uber.

The lawsuit says Uber did not respond to her until August 12th. Uber said they had restricted Lane's driver access and will investigate the matter.

The lawsuit says Uber "failed to exercise reasonable care in retaining Lane and continuing to allow him to drive its customers." Lane is currently facing charges of sexual battery, stalking and harassment in Hamilton County.

According to a recent investigation by CNN, the company changed its background check policy in January and started to run screenings on drivers every two years. CNN also reported that Uber planned to monitor new criminal offenses as they happened with online resources. CNN found 104 reports of sexual assault by Uber drivers over the past four years in a sweep of police reports in large cities.

You can read the full lawsuit below: (Reading this on our mobile app? Tap here to open an external browser to read the lawsuit)

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