The Local Juicery and Kitchen offers smoothies, acai bowls and vegan options

The PB & Acai bowl made fresh at the Local Juicery and Kitchen. (Image: WTVC)

The Local Juicery and Kitchen sits at the corner of Main Street and Mitchell Avenue.

The locally owned business offers fresh, made to order smoothies, acai bowls, and other vegan options.

Amberley Gridley works nearby and stops in often.

"What they're doing and continuing to do is just wonderful for this area, so I'm happy they're here," Gridley said.

The Local Juicery opened four years ago.

You'll see fresh fruit hanging in baskets on the wall, lots of natural light and green plants.

You'll see fresh fruits hanging from the wall...lots of natural light and green plants...and friendly employees to greet you.

"We have a very intimate setup here where you kind of get to see us making the smoothies in front of you, and we are talking with you and enjoying the day with you as well, so it's very intimate," Manager Sarah Malone Carnline said.

The greens and grains bowl is Sarah's favorite. You pick whatever protein, grains and toppings that you want. The ingredients are all natural.

"I can sleep better at night because I'm eating good, my body can breathe."

The menu items change based on what's in season. Right now they offer a watermelon and rosemary juice.

"With our process we use nothing but fresh fruit," Malone Carnline said. "We freeze all of our fruit that go into the smoothies, there is no ice even added."

Amberlee lives at Wasawillow Farm. She appreciates that the shop gets their items from nearby farms.

"Local businesses are what keeps a city moving and the more power and influence that local businesses make, the better they can make their community," Gridley said.

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