Tension grows in Grundy County, board member finds himself victim of crime

Shortly after a school board meeting let out, board member Chris Grooms came outside to find his car vandalized with the word 'RAPIST' spray painted on his truck. (Image: WTVC)

UPDATE (Wednesday):

A new email helps to explain why Grundy County school board member Chris Grooms' truck was vandalized during Monday night's board meeting.

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The tension grows in Grundy County after five high school football players are charged with attempted aggravated rape of a teammate.

One school board member now finds himself the apparent victim of a crime.

Questions of bullying, supervision and communication have become the main topic in these meetings.

Monday night, a tense back-and-forth took place between school board member Chris Grooms and a man from the audience, who identified himself as a relative of the high school principal.

"What’d you do when you worked for the school system?" the man asked.

"When I worked for the school system," Grooms responded, "I worked as the safe schools manager."

The man proceeds to ask Grooms why he was fired.

Grooms says he wasn't fired for anything, but the unnamed man didn't buy that answer and he threw out this accusation in front of everyone watching and listening to this meeting.

"It involves pretty much what happened at the field house," the man said.

Grooms told the man he had nothing to say in response to that accusation, but the man didn't stop there.

"I’ve got the letter right here," the man said.

So far, we haven’t been able to independently confirm what’s in that letter.

Shortly after the meeting was over, Grooms came outside to find his car vandalized with the word 'RAPIST' spray painted on his truck. The headlights were also painted black, and it's believed that sugar was put in the gas tank, causing it to break down.

He called the sheriff's office and a deputy responded. Together, they reviewed surveillance video from inside the school.

So far, no one's been caught for the crime. We've asked the sheriff for a copy of that police report, but he told us it's not ready yet.

Tuesday afternoon, we spoke to school board members Reuben Newsome. He says Grooms has done everything by the book and he's afraid things are going to worse, before they get better.

Depend on us to keep you posted.

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