State launches new investigation into Lake Winnie after reported incident in May

Image: WTVC

Tuesday, NewsChannel 9 learned about another accident at the Lake Winnie amusement park.

This one happened about 2 weeks ago.

It happened on the Boat Chute ride and we spoke to the woman who was hurt.

Crystal Anthony told us she was getting into the ride when she broke her foot.

Anthony says her foot broke through the bottom of the ride.

She claims she tried to wave down an attendant for help, but she was not allowed to get off the ride.

She had to finish the ride in pain.

"It was a sharp pain and i could not move my foot," she said. "I can't move it. It's like really stiff. It still hurts."

Anthony says Lake Winnie staffers gave her an incident report, but she did not fill it out.

State law says theme park personnel are supposed to report accidents by telephone immediately, then follow up with a written report.

The Georgia Fire Marshal's office told us they did not know about the accident until we asked about it today.

The state also says the accident that happened this weekend, when a woman fell off a roller coast ride, was reported to them.

The park is closed on Tuesday and we did not get a reply to our requests for comment.

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