Standifer Gap Road bridge in Chattanooga remaining closed until 2020, angering residents

Image: WTVC

The Standifer Gap Road bridge was shut down in 2016 because the beams were deteriorating. It was supposed to reopen this year, but that is not going to happen.

"I did write in and ask the city what's the end date, what the repair date would be. They told me December 2020," said Georgia Eastman, who serves as the Meadowbrook Heights neighborhood watch chairman.

She has been in that position for over 20 years. People rely on the bridge and she questions if it will ever reopen.

"Whether or not it will be done by then or not. We don't know," Eastman said.

The Chattanooga Department of Transportation originally said the Tennessee Department of Transportation shut the bridge down because the beams were breaking down.

"I cannot understand why we can appropriate money down for the city park and for tourism and we can't get the bridge fixed," said Meadowbrook Heights resident Jim Green.

Green has lived in the area for over 40 years and thought the city raised enough funds for the bridge repair.

"Somebody needs to make a move," he said.

Traffic diverts back to Shallowford and Hickory Valley Roads. Those streets get the more than 6,000 cars that once traveled across the bridge. To Cynthia Hughes, those traffic jams cause headaches.

"If they don't leave immediately, then you have at least two maybe three cars that would get through," she said.

"Then you have to wait for another light, the buses. Everybody's coming through."

Residents say they are not receiving updates.

"[CDOT] says they're going to raise the bridge, four, five, six, 10 feet. We don't know. We've kind of been in the dark 9:25

Residents said there used to be meetings held at Woodmore Church of God to discuss the bridge repairs, but they have not held a meeting for quite some time.

According to a TDOT bridge report, 32 bridges in our viewing area are considered structurally deficient. 15 of them are in Hamilton County.

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