St Joseph's Catholic Church in Dalton hosts 'Stations of the Cross'

St Joseph's Catholic Church in Dalton. (Image: WTVC)

Actors spent months preparing for the Stations of the Cross at St Joseph's Catholic Church in Dalton on Good Friday.

"We'll go through the scenes of Jesus' final moments on earth leading up to the crucifixion," Father Tim Nadolski explained. "We like to try to diminish suffering in our own lives, and when we look to that suffering and we're able to embrace that suffering it's something that helps us to better embrace the resurrection."

He says about 2,000 people come to watch the actors walk around different stations around the church. The stations represent important final moments in Jesus' life.

"When we see these scenes it's something that really moved us to repentance, it's something that moves us to sorrow and it's also something that moves us to desire a closer relationship with God," Nadolski said.

Christian Olvera watched the violent scenes play out. As a kid, he was one of the actors in the Stations of the Cross. He says it helps children visualize what happened to Jesus.

"Within the Hispanic community it really brings us together for one day," Olvera said.

Father Tim says about 93 percent of the congregation is Hispanic. Some of them, like Christian, are DACA recipients with an unknown future.

"We are going to keep fighting, and we are going to keep coming together in support of the DACA recipients like me and many others that are in this limbo," Olvera said.

Father Tim says he hopes for a bright future for the Hispanic population in Dalton.

"We pray for them and even encourage our lawmakers to really hope that we can care for these people who are here contributing to society," Father Nadolski said. "They're people who desire to be Americans, they desire to be part of our community, part of our lives."

Christian just found out his DACA application was renewed for another two years.

"We cannot look down, we have to look up and keep on looking forward," Olvera said.

You can see more of Friday's ceremony from the sky with our NewsChannel 9 SkyCam:

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