South Pittsburg police officer investigated for reported excessive force

Agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation are looking into reports that a South Pittsburg police officer used excessive force during an arrest. (Image: WTVC)

UPDATE (February 8, 2018):

The TBI have arrested a former South Pittsburg officer accused of assaulting a person who was in police custody. Read more here.


TBI agents are investigating excessive force allegations against a South Pittsburg officer.

The South Pittsburg city attorney tells NewsChannel 9 that officer is Josh Chance. He is now on administrative leave pending the TBI's investigation.

A South Pittsburg man, Gary King, claims officers left him bruised and beaten after he fired his weapon into the air.

"They hurt me pretty bad," King said.

Home surveillance cameras, posted up around Gary King's house in South Pittsburg, shows officers knocking King down to the ground Saturday morning.

"Just cause I shot my gun. That ain't the first time I shot my gun. Everybody shoots guns around here," King said.

King says he was in bed sleeping Saturday morning and all of a sudden he saw a red laser being pointed through his house and into his bedroom. He didn't know who was shining the laser so he went outside with his gun to see who was out there.

"I just shot it off in the bank in the backyard to scare off whoever was out there," he claimed.

Just minutes later, King says the cops showed up.

"They told me to drop the weapon. So, I dropped the weapon and held my hands out and that's when they all started attacking me [and] throwing me to the ground," he said.

King and his wife Elizabeth aren't sure what's going to come from this. They're just relieved their cameras were rolling.

King says before going to jail, he convinced officers to take him to the emergency room.

After seeing a doctor, King tells NewsChannel 9 he had four broken ribs, a concussion and lots of internal bruising.

The TBI said, once the investigation is complete, they will submit their findings to the District Attorney General for consideration.

Depend on us to bring you more information on this story as it is made available.

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