Some Hamilton Co. parents concerned after picture taken of students standing in bus aisle

A Hamilton County father shared this picture with us and on social media - it shows students standing in the aisle of a school bus. (Image submitted by viewer)

How full is too full for a school bus to be safe? That's the question on the minds of some local parents after a picture shared on social media shows students standing in the aisle of a school bus.

A Hamilton County father shared the picture with us, and says his daughter took it Monday while riding the bus home from Ooltewah High School.

He says that students had to stand because there weren't enough seats.

He also posted it on social media, where school board members and Tennessee state lawmakers started weighing in on this issue.

The district tells us the bus is not over capacity.

Tuesday, the Hamilton County School Board is holding a policy work session, and transportation is on the agenda.

School Board Member Steve Highlander brought up the picture in today's public session. Board members who commented on the above posted echoed the idea "safety is paramount".

At the close of the meeting, Superintendent Johnson says next week, the HCDE is implementing "bus monitors." They say this safety measure will ensure buses are not overcrowded.

This is a developing story - depend on us to update it as we learn more.

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