Smith-Perry Berry Farm in Ooltewah open for 2018's Sunflower Season

    "It was a beautiful sight!" (Image: WTVC)

    The Smith-Perry Berry farm is open for business year-round selling anything from strawberries and pumpkins, to corn and sunflowers.

    On Friday, we got a chance to see the ins and outs of the farm, including what there is to offer to the public.

    As of right now, it's sunflower season, and the sunflowers are about to be in full bloom. Most sunflowers are only in their beginning stages of bloom. At the Smith-Perry farm, however, there are sunflowers in four different fields that are all in bloom.

    The family is allowing the public to purchase a "bucket" for $15, and fill that bucket with as many flowers as they can possibly fit. Not only sunflowers, but also wild flowers. There is a specific field you are allowed to cut from, so make sure to ask the owners which field they want you to use. The other fields are there for seeing and picture taking ONLY.

    When you buy pink buckets to fill with flowers, you're actually giving back in a way near and dear to our hearts: the farm donates two dollars to the Mary Ellen Locher Breast Cancer Foundation.

    They do ask that if you plan on bringing your pup with you, that it stay on a leash and you clean up after it.

    Other than that, the farm has plenty of things to see! Not to mention the neat "Sunflowers" made of recycled farm equipment made by one of the owner's son, Will Perry.

    They are open from 8 a.m. until dark.


    See more pictures from the sunflower fields here!

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