Car crash in Vermont kills engaged couple from Dalton, Chatsworth Monday

The Vermont State Patrol reports that a Dalton resident and a Chatsworth resident were among four people killed in a crash on Monday in Bridport. (Images: Melissa Parton, WYNY)

UPDATE: Family members of Steven Holmes told NewsChannel 9 that he and Amber Brewer were engaged. Holmes, Brewer and two others died in a crash in Vermont Monday.

The Holmes family says both he and Brewer worked with an amusement park company, Dreamland Amusements, and were leaving a fair in New York to go to another fair in Vermont when they were involved in a crash.

In a Facebook post, Dreamland Amusements expressed condolences over the loss of the four people who they say were employed with the company:

"From Kathy & Bob DeStefano:
Our Dreamland Amusements page is a place we promote fun & the fairs and events we play each week. Always happy for the communities we visit, to enjoy our show.
The hours of hard work to create the fun is done with dozens of employees and some contracted people. Hundreds of people through the year, thousands of people through the years we have been in business.
It is truly sad for all of us involved in the business that we lost 4 persons to a tragic car accident on Monday. A head on collision in Vermont that determined their fate. A fleeting moment we can never fix. Just a few miles from their destination.
We wish a full recovery and future health and comfort to Lisa Nunez and Thomas Sykes from Yummyville Concessions.
There are no words to truly comfort us, just our own strengths to support each other. Lots of emotions and tears for all of us. Good souls that impacted our daily life have left us memories and a big void.
Remember to be good to yourself everyday and drive safe on the roads of life ahead. Wear your seat belts, watch in all directions while you drive.
Rest In Peace
Steven Holmes aka Country
Amber Brewer
Justin Hendrix aka Redneck
Jennifer "Nicki" Valdez"

Depend on us for more details as we learn them.


The Vermont State Patrol reports that a Dalton resident and a Chatsworth resident were among four people killed in a crash on Monday in Bridport.

The Vermont State Patrol (VSP) identifies the victims as 20-year-old Steven Holmes of Chatsworth and 19-year-old Amber Brewer of Dalton. 34-year-old Jennifer Valdez of Westerville, Ohio and 38-year-old Justin Hendrix of Bryceville, Florida were also killed. Authorities say they believe all four people were co-workers.

The VSP says none of the victims were wearing seatbelts.

The accident happened at 12:45 p.m. on North Cream Hill Road.

Investigators say a Volkswagen with the four victims inside veered into oncoming traffic, and collided with a Ford pickup truck. Two people in that truck were rushed to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Captain Michael Manley of the VSP told the ABC affiliate in Vermont the stretch of road where the crash happened has long been a problem for drivers.

"It has been a roadway that has seen tragic accidents like this. We are a tourism state, so people have come up in the summer and a lot of people come up in the winter, so in my experience, we have crashes throughout the year,"said Manley.

We are working to get more information about this story. Depend on us for updates.

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