Red Bank students complete distracted driving course

Red Bank High School took part in a distracted driving program provided by Red Bank Police and the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce. (Image: WTVC)

It's prom season, and while that comes with a lot of memories and milestones, it also comes with some risks.

That's why Red Bank High School is teaching their students the dangers of distracted or impaired driving before their big night this weekend.

Red Bak Police and the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce help set up a golf cart road course at the school. For Lap 1, the officers rides along quietly. But on Lap 2, they turned up the heat.

"She asked me to put my phone up to my ear," sophomore Avianna Harris said.

"He kept on yelling at me and told me to take a selfie with him," senior Asja Pouncy said.

"I never heard a cop tell me to speed up," sophomore Adrianna Palmer said.

So, how did students do while distracted?

Not so good.

"I literally started running straight into cones. I ran into two of them and one got stuck under the golf cart," Harris said.

"I just realized everything I've been doing is wrong," Palmer said.

They also had special goggles that let students experience blurred vision.

And although laughs were had by all, the lessons learned were serious.

"Don't get on your phone, don't text, don't do anything like that of the sort while your in the car," Harris said.

And police hope they pass that message along.

"If kids are aware of distracted driving and the concerns associated with it, and the potential damage that can occur from it, maybe they have an opportunity to talk to their parents about it, and we could have a double impact," Red Bank Police Chief Tim Christol said.

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