Protesters want voices heard about viral arrest video at Chatt. City Council meeting

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    Charles Toney has retained the services of civil rights attorney Lee Merritt. Merritt will hold a news conference Thursday morning at 10 a.m.

    A news release from Merritt's office says, "This incident represents clear civil rights violations which demand the immediate termination of the officers involved and appropriate criminal investigation and accountability."

    Depend on us to keep you posted.


    Community members who are outraged over a viral video showing a Hamilton County deputy kicking and punching a handcuffed man are at Tuesday's Chattanooga City Council meeting.

    The meeting got underway at 6 p.m.

    About 20 people attended with the arrest of Charles Toney on their minds. Some of them told our crew at the scene they plan to speak about the encounter caught on video.

    They are specifically asking for an advisory board over Chattanooga Police, even though Chattanooga Police had nothing to do with Toney's arrest.

    Toney, who is an aspiring Chattanooga musician with the name Ace Boogie, posted the video to Facebook Saturday morning. It shows Deputy Blake Kirkpatrick kicking and punching Toney, even though he was wearing handcuffs. Sheriff Hammond said deputies were arresting Toney on outstanding warrants.

    Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond and members of the Chattanooga chapter of the NAACP held a joint news conference about this viral video on Monday afternoon. Sheriff Hammond promised a full investigation. Hamilton County District Attorney Neal Pinkston announced on Monday he would refer the case to the U.S. Department of Justice.

    Charles Toney is due in court on his newest charges on December 18th, in Hamilton County Criminal Court Judge Lila Statom.

    At the end of the meeting, members of the community erupted in anger shouting "No justice, No Peace."

    Following the chants coming from the crowd, all council members got up from their chairs and left the room.

    We spoke with Vice Chairman Erskine Oglesby who says the council members find the video of Charles Toney and Sheriff's Deputy "unacceptable".

    "The incident that happened between deputy Kilpatrick and Mr. Toney as a council find that behavior unacceptable, we we're appalled by what we saw on that video and we simply recognize that we want their voice to be heard we generally provide an opportunity to do so." says Vice Chairman Oglesby.

    One person in the crowd says they only wanted their voices to be heard.

    "Yes I came to city council to hear and give my voice, and when I saw the council members exit the building without hearing the concerns and questions of the people it kind of rubbed me the wrong way and made me want to become more active" says community member Christopher Torragno.

    Depend on us to keep you posted.

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