Emails show Ooltewah high principal was unaware of all the victims in hazing incident

Ooltewah High School.jpg

Released emails say a Tennessee high school principal did not know there was more than "one victim" until nearly four months after a freshman was sexually assaulted with a pool cue and three others were attacked by teammates in an apparent hazing incident on a basketball trip.

The emails were filed Monday in a civil case accusing the Hamilton County Board of Education of failing to protect the students during the December 2015 trip. Two students filed the lawsuits in September and December 2016.

Jim Jarvis, then-Ooltewah High School principal, said in a May 2016 email to board attorney Scott Bennett that he knew "of only one victim."

Jarvis' attorney, Curtis Bowe, did not respond to requests for comment Tuesday.

Trial is set for September.

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