NewsChannel 9 checks weather and road conditions throughout viewing area Wednesday

Shoal Creek Road on Signal Mountain was one of the first roads on our trip that we found was closed. (Image: WTVC)

Tuesday's snowfall may have passed, but icy roads remain a problem for many in our viewing area Wednesday. The NewsChannel 9 team spread out to report on local road conditions.

In Tracy City, the roads were mostly clear, but the snow has yet to melt. Once it does, there’s a chance it could refreeze.

"We were out playing in the snow today and yesterday. It was her first snow actually," said Kara Norman as she pointed to her 1-year-old daughter.

We met Norman right as we got into town. They left the house Wednesday for only one thing.

"Grocery shopping," Norman said.

As we went through Sequatchie County, we saw more of the same.

We headed to Bradley County, where sheriff's deputies say drivers are running into problems with black ice.

"When you put brakes on on ice, you lose control," says deputy sheriff Doug Boucher. "You don't ever break on ice. You have to drive really really slow, because once you break, you lose control and you go off in a ditch."

In Marion County, a frozen pond caught our attention. It was in the front yard of a home in Jasper.

"I wish it would’ve snowed a little bit more," said Rodney Oliver, Whitwell resident.

Whitwell was one of our favorite stops of the day. At the Ace Hardware is where we met Rodney Oliver.

"If the wind would calm down, it’d be awesome," he said.

Oliver stopped at Ace to refill his propane tank.

"To get gas where I can stay warm," he laughed.

Whitwell had the least amount of snow we saw all day.

"Where I live right now in Whitwell on Main Street, it was slick last night," Oliver added.

Suck Creek Mountain had the most beautiful sights of the day.

We found lots of icicles hanging off the edge of the mountain. The roads there were also clear, but very white from all the salt.

Finally, headed up towards Signal Mountain, is where we found our first road closed sign. That was on Shoal Creek Road. There, snow covered parts of the road.

Although many of these places didn't have snow on the roads, there were still some slick spots. That's why many counties are choosing to close school again on Thursday.

You can see the latest school closings here, and read more about road conditions at the link here.

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