Chattanooga's Miller Park opens to public after $10 million renovation

Chattanooga's Miller Park opens to public after $10 million renovation (Image: WTVC)

The grand re-opening of Miller Park is Friday at 11 a.m.

We took a tour to see the changes Thursday.

The fountain has been replaced with an open grass space, along with seating throughout the park.

The EPB Community Stage is new, and comes with a projector screen to host movies and other park events.

The finishing touches are being put on the Rock Out Cropping art space, which is a partnership with Chattanooga-based Blue Cross Blue Shield.

It's designed to look like the topography of Chattanooga, and made with limestone from our area.

Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke emphasized the open design of the park, and wants people to feel comfortable meeting and sharing ideas.

"Innovation doesn't come when people sit alone, it comes when people from different backgrounds talk to each other, engage each other and this is a fantastic new place for this to happen," Berke said.

Miller Park first opened in 1976.

"Obviously the infrastructure that was here was kind of end of life, it was deteriorating," Public Works Administrator Justin Holland said.

Now, Holland said the space is designed to make people feel invited.

The project cost $10.3 million. The city paid $4.2 million, the rest came from donations and partnerships.

"We are thrilled about it," Kim Johnson with River City Company said. "We want people to come out and enjoy, it's a great gateway into our city and it now reflects the vitality of everything else that's going on in our city."

Miller Park has been closed for 14 months for the renovations.

"You need to come down and take advantage of this great asset that many of our partners have put together, so much time and patience to bring to this great city," Councilman Erskine Oglesby said.

The park will be open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. No one will be allowed overnight.

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