Mayfield Elementary goes all out for first day back to school in Cleveland

The first day back to school at Mayfield Elementary in Cleveland was a celebration. (Image: WTVC)

The first day back to school is big for both students and teachers.

Cleveland City schools use a unique system to encourage good behavior.

It's the first day back at Mayfield Elementary and teachers and administrators are literally rolling out the red carpet.

"Speechless," 3rd grade student Shelby said.

That's how some students at Mayfield Elementary described their feelings Monday morning when they saw the big celebration.

"We walked on the red carpet and all the teachers were dressed up like trolls," 3rd grade student Anna said. "It made me feel excited and happy."

There was also a bubble blowing machine, signs, and a lot of silly string.

One teacher we spoke with says they were excited to do something like this again, after trying it for the first time last year.

"The kids loved it and really talked about it for several days afterwards, so we thought, okay, this a print and we need to continue to do so," teacher Nikki Burton said.

Principal Randall Stephens said they use fun events like this throughout the year to reward students as part of their "NEST" program.

It's a positive behavior and intervention support system.

"Every student is assigned to a nest color, and students earn points toward their color to help their team while they make good choices, then we have celebrations for those students during different times of the year," Stephens said.

Stephens also said he was happy to see people going slow in this morning's wet weather.

"It looked like people were slowing down and taking extra precautions with buses coming into the building

Once the kids were inside, there was plenty of excitement and school spirit to go around.

"Go Eagles," 2nd grade student Steelman said.

Both Cleveland City schools and Bradley County schools had early releases on their first days back.

Bradley County students started back August 4th.

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